Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nuclear Energy

Recently the world have being in the crisis of energy, the dependence on the fossil energy have reach up to the ultimate level when the fossil energy reach highest price since the beginning use of the fossil energy. World have already discover, use and utilize it in the daily live as use in the industrial and production of goods. Some say that the nuclear energy is the solution to the energy crisis that the world confronts; the fact is the nuclear energy has powered 17% of the world total energy needs in term of electricity. Other says that nuclear energy is clean and cheep but in the reality it far from it, not all of the country in the world have the reserved of the basic material to make the sufficient amount of uranium and plutonium energy gred types to generated the nuclear energy. The resources that involves in the process of mining the material is in the big portion, and often involve a large amount of money and only country that have the knowledge and ability can do it.

Another problem that a country should tackle before dreaming to have it own nuclear plant is the site of the plant, almost all of the nuclear plant that build around the world is situated far away from the city or settlement of citizen. Small country that doesn’t have that kind of luxury would have a problem, because the construction of nuclear plant needs a big land and buffer zone so if any things wrong happen the impact would not affect the city or any settlement. Technology and the capability to build and manage the plant is also a problem, the nuclear energy rod will become less effective in a few years and have to be replace by a new ones. That will make another problem the nuclear waste management, that the depleted uranium is very harmful and have to be restored deep inside mountain or beneath the earth. Country that would have option to use other alternative to generated the ever increasing demand for energy, try to choose the best method that can be use to generate energy with minimal investment but good in the long term of it. This planet will be inherited by the next generation and would we want them to live in the greener and nuclear free environment.
I’m not anti-nuclear person but I choose the most best ways to generate energy will minimal problem involve

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