Tuesday, March 31, 2009

strategic bombing part 1


In the peak of World War 2 the British and its allied begin to adapt a new strategy and approach in defeating the Nazi Germany capability of confronting them. On the British side they really have the confidence that with the air supremacy and the ability of their Royal Air force to control the European sky the strategic bombing will give a big punch in the face of the Nazi Germany. During the end of the World War 2 theatre in Europe, the Nazi Germany Air Force have lose their credibility and capability of retaining the air supremacy because of the inability of new breed of aircraft fighter and the obsolete in technology and later the introduction of the world first turbine engine aircraft towards the end of the war is too late and give insignificant or too little effect. But different at their British side, they have make an improvement to their aircraft fighter and their bomber with the help from their counterpart the United States of America, their famous aircraft spitfire and a range of bomber aircraft. They believe that with their capability and ability of experience aircrew, the new concept will forged outstanding effect on the path of World War 2 and conclude with the Nazi Germany defeated. Winston Churchill believe in the option of using air strategy of strategic bombing to paralyzed the Nazi Germany war producing capability and make the war more easier for the Allied to fought. There are a few reasons why the strategic bombing method that they use cannot be justified, the proportionality reason, the collateral damage it brought, the necessity cause of using the bombing, in the term of morality towards humanity, humanitarian crisis that occur after the bombing is done, do they find other option to be use rather that strategic bombing, consideration of the strategic bombing as the war crime towards the Germany people and the jus in Bello aspect.
The first reason why the air strategy of strategic bombing cannot be justified is because of the proportionality of using the strategic bombing towards the change of World War 2 ways. How can the usage of strategic bombing being justified if the destruction is not only to the intended target but also the civilian target that also being hit by the bomb. In order to destroy a few factory in the high density area the whole area have to be bombard to make sure that the target is destroy. Is the hit on the civilian target proportionate and justified when the precision on the target is less accurate and the ability to distinguish between the civilian target and the military target is it cloud of certainty. Does the action justify the destruction that occurs after the bombardment or it just a sacrifice that is permissible towards achieving the goal of the strategic bombing? Is the strategy is permissible when the casualties of the unintended target is more that the intended one hand them the right to do that. The action the taken put a choice between choosing to send a few hundred thousand of allied army to march and attack the target and the projection of casualties is high than using strategic bombing as an instrument of war can be take into action. Or the destruction of the entire city is permissible although city is not intended target but it is in the ways of the intended target. Another action that can be taken is to sent a marching troops towards the Nazi Germany war producing area and destroy it but the projection of the battle will be fierce and casualties that inflicted high and the resources from manpower to the supply involve is huge in size and cannot be replace easily if the attack meet failure but it just on the paper but practically not as the predicted. The Nazi Germany army towards the end of The World War 2 is consist of young and inexperienced soldier, old and veteran soldier that prove to have low morale of fighting with the allied troops.
Another reason why the use of strategic bombing method cannot be justified is because it brings collateral damage to the bombing area. This happen because of the amount of fire power and the nature of the bomb itself bring destruction to the hit position. Consider of the wind current and start the bombardment of the target in a form of line. This happen because the wind current affected the precision of the bomb being drop, and often the intended target has not being destroy but the residence place being touched by the bomb, the bombardment have to be start over again. The effect of the strategic bombing is big both to the environment and to the people that have direct contact with it, the surrounding area of the bombardment hit area will have a crater as the result of the bomb blast will not be suitable for human life but after extensive of reparation can continued the use of the area. The people at the bombardment target hit area will be effected directly and cause losing their life for the direct hit from the bomb, their resident totally destroy and will created a pressure in continuing live towards the end of war. The effected to the human or population is not only for the short term but also for the long term, losing family members and friends will give big impact on the mental health of the population and for most of all is the individual that suffer directly from the bombing such as losing a part of their body have to live with it for the rest of their life. The damage inflicted from the strategic bombing is total and nothing will be save from it, because of the firepower and the amount of explosion that is huge in size compare to the objective that want to be achieve.